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1.  You have Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget: We carry  better and designer labels at affordable prices – usually around 30% of the original price.

2.   Quality: Why buy a $100 department store suit when you can buy a $300 suit for UNDER $100?  And we'll save you time because we've carefully screened our inventory for only the best fabrics and makers.  You'd rather save for a trip to Tahiti than spend your bucks on a business suit, right?
3.  Vacations: And when going on the vacation, who wants to spend $200 or more on a dress for the Capt.’s Table that you’ll only wear once?  We have a fine selection of evening wear, including cocktail dresses, jackets, tops, skirts & trousers, along with evening bags and fancy shoes.  Let us help you prepare your vacation wardrobe, whether for a cruise or adventure travel!

4.  Dieting? Your favorite outfits are getting baggy (the diet's working) or too tight (it's not). Gaining a size may not be fun, but at TradeWinds it's less expensive!

5.  Selection: We average 100 new pieces to the floor daily.  We are located  in the middle of a tourist district which has brought us consignors from all over the state and beyond (over 60% of our consignors live outside Tuolumne County), which means a wider selection for you.

6.  We offer New Items from around the world – depending on where we’re traveling this year and which boutique labels are consigning their samples or close-outs!  Plus we carry a constantly changing selection of new jewelry and accessories.

7.  Guy Stuff: We carry Hawaiian & silk shirts all year round; sweaters & jackets in the winter; and have sitting areas with appropriate guy reading material.

8.  Recycling: It's good for the environment and good for your closet. The ecological cost of even a simple cotton T-shirt is staggering.

9.  Customer Service: We will pamper you! Our experienced staff will help you dress your very best.  Let us know what you are looking for, who your favorite designers are, and we will call you when an item comes in that fits your needs.

10.  FUN!! You never know what you'll find here! We're unpredictable and a happy hunting ground for fine clothing and home decor at affordable prices!

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