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1.  LOCATION!  Our beautiful store, dating to the 1880's, is in the heart of Historic Sonora, the premier shopping district in Tuolumne County for tourists from around the world. 

2.  CUSTOMERS!  Between our fashion savvy tourists and loyal locals, our customer base is huge and growing!  Our fantastic selection and constantly changing inventory makes us a favorite shopping spot for treasure hunters near & far.

3.  PARKING!  We have front door access on Washington Street and back door access on Stewart Street–  tripling your parking options and making it easy to drop your items.

4.  We are OPEN 7 days a week!  Increasing the probability of selling your items.

5.  Recoup part of your INVESTMENT in fine clothing.  We price according to original retail price, not by item.  For example, some stores price all tops at $10, regardless of the quality.  Not at TradeWinds – you paid much more for that Tahari top than you did for the Liz Claiborne one, and we price accordingly.

6.  You've CHANGED lifestyles, size, or job – requiring a change in your wardrobe – but the closet’s already full!  You can make someone else happy with your like-new, but no longer needed pieces, while making room in your closet for your new lifestyle needs.

7.  PERSONAL SERVICE! Our experienced and enthusiastic staff will work diligently to sell your items.

8.  TRADEWINDS V. YARD SALE: We consign your items for 60 days, meaning much more probability that the right buyer will find your items.  We provide dressing rooms, display the items in a beautiful setting and save you hours of labor and making you lots more money.  Example: You might be able to get $5 for a pair of Lucky Brand jeans at your yard sale.  We’ll sell them for around $40 and you’ll make $16!

9.  When you consign with us, we are in business together.  We will mark your items as high as possible, yet at a price we know our market will bear.  We are dedicated to making you the most money possible!
10.  RECYCLING!  It’s good for the environment and good for your closet.  The ecological cost of even a simple cotton T-shirt is staggering.

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