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An Upscale Resale Boutique

The owner of TradeWinds' first experience with consignment shopping was working at a small consignment shop in San Francisco following high school.  It was the beginning of a life-long passion for resale and recycling.  Hope became adept at recognizing quality fabrics, designs and workmanship, and became addicted to the thrill of the hunt.  Many years later, after many different resale shopping experiences, she saw there was a need for an upscale consignment shop in Sonora and thus, opened TradeWinds in 2004 with two simple goals: to provide an upscale shopping experience, without the upscale prices, while providing women the opportunity to obtain well-made, classic clothes they might not otherwise afford!


We believe you deserve to be pampered and our experienced staff will help you dress the body YOU have, looking for design and tailoring that will enhance your natural beauty. 

Owner, Creative Director, Back-room Slave


Never a slave to fashion, but always true to her own sense of style!  If the display window is a little funky, a little wild, it was probably Hope’s creation!


Fashion Consultant


Suzanne started shopping resale in high school “when the ONLY choice was Goodwill.”   In the ‘70s, she owned four highly successful clothing boutiques in New Mexico, which she sold prior to coming to California.  She was burned out on expensive clothing at that point, so spent the last couple decades in a variety of non-fashion related jobs (dance hall girl, book distributor, antique store owner) until Hope's siren call lured her back to the joy of helping women look their best and doing it on a budget.  Her speciality is eye-catching displays.  Suzanne volunteers her spare time at Mountain Women’s Resource Center and is down-right mean at Scrabble and growing tomatoes.


Fill-in Queen, Display Wizard


Another resale addict, Terri has worked off & on at TradeWinds since its opening.  All the best displays, especially our Christmas windows, have been Terri’s creation.  Over the years, Terri has been involved with Girl Scouts, Sierra Waldorf School and the children’s program at Strawberry Music Festival.  She recently found the perfect job that puts all her immense people and organizational skills to use – but she can’t seem to stay away from TradeWinds.  Lucky for us!



A music junky since a little girl, Hope became a volunteer public radio DJ in college, creating her own roots music show – a passion that lasted 13 years.  Hope and Debbie met while working on staff at the Strawberry Music Festival over 20 years ago and, over the years, worked at dozens of music festivals together.  Debbie & her husband own ShoSounds, which provides sound for many music venues around the state.  The TradeWinds name came from an exhaustive search through Hope’s massive cd collection, searching song titles for just the right shop name.  The music you will hear in TradeWinds ranges from Americana to Rat Pack to World Music, with a definite tilt towards Hawaiian.  Enjoy!

We Support These Non-Profits

Humane Society Thrift Store
A-TCAA Foodbank
Center For A Non-Violent Community
Stage 3
Non-Profit Consignments Accounts (donate your items to these accounts and they’ll receive 50% of the selling price): Sierra Waldorf School, ARONOS Club, Sonora Elementary Accelerated Math Program, A-TCAA Foodbank


Historic Sonora Chamber of Commerce
NARTS-National Association of Resale & Thrift Stores
How To Consign - Treasured Member


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